Friday, September 7, 2012

Up All Night

Guess who was out all night?
Captain, along with his feline pals Carbon and Frank, and his nemesis, Dooley, would not come in and were out past curfew last night.  To no one's surprise, they are sleeping the day away now.

At one point, I heard a yowling and fight, which got Tilly all revved up too.  Since I'm not sleeping great anyway, it was a long night.

Have you noticed how most evil is done at night?  There's something about the light of day that keeps us in check.

Walking in God's light is a good place to be.  When it gets dark, our thoughts can become muddled.  Have you ever felt overwhelmed or worried for hours in the middle of the night?  Then, when you are up in the morning, those worries are not nearly as great?

Cling to the Truth and Wisdom of God.  It's not always easy or glamorous, but it's a more sane way to live.


  1. Couldn't agree more that the light of day keeps us in check. But faith gets us through the darkness.
    My 2 indoor/outdoor cats often spend the night out, then of course I worry. But only a few times have I had to "hunt" them down only to find out they were shut in a neighbors barn or garage. Recently, I found out that Wendy even has the convenience of entering one neighbors house. Such a lucky cat!!