Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cries of Delight

This is Molly.  She's a wonderful little dog and very smart.  In fact, she may be smarter than me. 

Actually, I was going to write about another little dog that was in the kennel recently, but I thought I had a picture of her and I don't.  But let's just say that dog is on the vocal side.  She is part beagle and that breed really "express" themselves with loud and intense whines.

If it was time to go out, she whined.  When it was time to come back in, she whined.  When it was time for a treat, she whined.  When other dogs went home, she whined louder.

You get the pictures.

But the excitement level changed when it was time for her to see her owner.  Suddenly, she used a whole new caliber and intensity.

Isn't it great to be happy to see someone?  But isn't it great when you see someone different and it brings out a whole new level of delight within you?

It seems likely to me that Jesus delights in us at that whole new intense and happy level with each of us.  He knows us so well that he's absolutely thrilled when we show up to meet him in prayer.    The better part is we walk away even better and more fortified. 

It's enough to make your tail wag - the kind of might-knock-things-off-the-coffee-table wag.

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