Monday, October 15, 2012

Slave to Potato Chips

Dooley loves people food.  Oatmeal, pasta, bread are favorites but he really loves bbq potato chips.
Believe it or not, potato chips are not my favorite junk food indulgence.  But every now and then, I like the crunch and pungent flavor from bbq chips.  And if they are on sale for bargain prices at the local scratch and dent grocery store, I'm highly likely to bring home a bag.

For cats, bbq potato chips are not a naturally occuring food option.  (It may be debated that it is not for people either)  Dooley depends on me for his chip addiction.

Moderation isn't exactly my strength.  Yet, moderation - living a balanced life in all things - is exactly what we are called to do.  It is so easy to get "out of whack" in just about every area of our lives.

Why just this morning, I was reading how Paul wrote the people in Corinth about such matters.  Some new believers thought that the body was beyond the impact of the spirit, so they could do anything with their bodies - everything was permissable.  Then there were those who believed their spirit must conquer every urge of the physical body and were, well, probably not very fun to hang out with.

Paul called for moderation.  Discipline is not easy.  We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.  But...we need to ask. 

One small bag of potato chips now and then is okay.  But if Dooley had his way, he'd have me bring them to him all the time.  In his life, I dole them out carefully and moderately.  I can only ask the Lord to do the same thing for me!


  1. UGHH MODERATION, very hard to accomplish without God directing me.

  2. Melissa - even with God's direction, I find myself running the other way to "have things MY way." No wonder the scale was up two pounds this morning!