Friday, October 19, 2012

Creepy Crawly

It's that time of year when spiders and mice find warmer homes for winter.  

NO, that is NOT a spider.  It's a praying mantis.  I much prefer them to spiders, though when I had the view above, I found it unsettling.

Just this week, I was cleaning the kennel.  As I ran a bucket of sudsy water, I put on my rubber gloves.  One of the fingers seemed to have a block, like maybe a band-aid was in there, which would have been really gross.  However, what was in there was even more gross.  GIANT WOLF SPIDER!!!!


I loathe spiders!  Even though I've lived in the country long enough to make peace with them, having my finger encounter one unexpectedly was extremely distressing.

This is why I don't clean.

Well, it's my excuse for that day anyway.

Sometimes it's easy to put off what needs to be done because it's extremely unpleasant.

Next week, I have a small break in dog activity at the kennel.  I need to rest, even though I hate to say "no" to anyone.  But I must do so in order to recover.  So, you may not see posts next week.  If not, be glad because it means I'm not on my computer and am busy doing other things.

"Come to me all of you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest."  Jesus knows our human tendency to over do things.  He knew that we often burden ourselves even mentally with wondering if we are "good enough."  He takes that burden away.  With faith in Him, we can live freely.  And rest.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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