Monday, November 8, 2010

From Which Well Do You Drink?

Julie caught her dog drinking out of the toilet. She was grossed out. She suggested I blog about this canine phenom. There's so many directions I could take this. I'll go with the obvious (at least to me).

Yes, my dogs have drank from the toilet. Usually it's when their own water bowl has run dry and "someone" forgot to replenish (I think it was Dooley).

Why do dogs do this? Most believe it is because the water from the toilet is always fresh (to a dog) and usually cooler than water standing in their bowls. It doesn't matter why to us, we're grossed out regardless. We know about those toilets. We know what they are for, even if dogs do not. If they do, they don't care.

Every day we have many choices to make. Most of us are fortunate to choose what we'll eat (unless you're doing the cabbage soup diet). Nutrition effects our health - salad or junk food - as well as our mood. The choice is ours.

We also choose what to put in our minds. What we hear and see has an effect on us, positively or negatively. If we constantly chose to ingest negativity, it's no different from drinking from the toilet.

Which will you choose?

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  1. you know what the worst part of this is . . . i don't remember why my dog was drinking from the toilet . . . but i know this . . . she likes it . . . she really likes it