Monday, November 22, 2010

Living in the Moment

This is Maggie (hi Maggie!). Maggie belongs to a very kindly woman. Maggie has a great life, the center of attention in her home.

Maggie has been to the kennel numerous times. While she probably wouldn't list it on her Top Ten Things to Do (although maybe she doesn't even do ten different things), she seems pleasant enough when she's here. She doesn't play with the other dogs at the kennel, but she doesn't shirk in the back of her run, afraid of the world. She looks around with wonder, processing this new environment.

I really like things not to change and I really like to stay home. However, that's pretty dull. Getting the opportunity to go out and do something different, even meeting strangers and being completely outside my comfort zone, makes my brain squish around in a good way. Bottom line, we need to experience change and feel off-kilter every now and then. It's healthy and makes our brains work (I know this because Rachel read a book about healthy brains - thanks Rachel!).

When's the last time you did something challenging, even if you felt nervous approaching the situation? How did it go? What new thing would you like to try? I've been thinking about bungee jumping of late. However, I don't think that's on my Top Ten. However, I'd love to hear from someone who DID bungee jump!


  1. well i havent bungi jumped but i have been riding kiddy rides at the fairs and zoos with my 3 year old granddaughter. that itself is outside my comfort zone....yes, even the merry-go-round makes me dizzy. age and medical issues are, i am sure, a big part of this problem but i have to do it (unless i can talk her auntie Laura into it) because a lot of those rides require an adult. I hope in my lifetime to be able to help others even outside my comfort zone and be a witness to what Jesus has done for all of us.

  2. i think i would sky dive, but only if someone was connected to me and therefore forcing me to make the initial jump. then and only then maybe.