Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hachi - the Movie that Made Me Weep

"Hachi: A Dog's Tale" - a movie with Richard Gere, based on a true story of a dog in Japan. Hachi loves Richard Gere so much that he follows him to the train station every day and waits til Richard Gere comes home from work. Then they walk home from the station, tails wagging. Make that one tail.

Sure Richard Gere is cute, but he's an emotion denying nut job. Based on his looks alone, I may be tempted to lurk (stalk) at the station and follow him home too. A person can get arrested for this behavior. Yet in dogs, we find it adorable and make movies about intense loyalty and devotion (slash obsession).

Spoiler alert: Richard Gere has a heart attack at work and dies (so much for zen). Hachi continues to wait at the station, despite the remaining family member's attempts to keep him at home. Oh, and reason with him (like that would work). This goes on for ten years. It seems maybe they should have at least sent his body home on the train to stop this behavior. But no, everyone finds it charming and are touched by the poor dog waiting for the return of his owner in vain.

And darn it, it worked on me too. Despite my own Mr. Spock cold, logical mind, tears coursed down my cheeks too. Perhaps that's the difference. People can be reasoned with while dogs (and most animals) can not be talked out of loyalty. Despite all logic, cold hard facts, reason, and even death, a dog (and probably cats too, but they are camera shy non-publicity seeking creatures) can maintain their loyalty.

No one is beyond the love of God. He will pursue a person until they've made up their mind to ignore God forever (until death). For those who choose to accept (and hopefully bask) in the deep, inexplicable love of God, they become the focus of a love and loyalty that endures logic, facts, reason and especially death.

In the movie, Hachi was raised to hero status, and example of love and loyalty. Hachi's story is true. Yet we can look to Jesus and see an even better demonstration of love and devotion. One that lasts forever.

What examples of loyalty have you seen in your dog and/or cat? What do you think of Hachi's devotion? What movies make you cry?

By the way, this is Post 100 - how am I doing?


  1. So, Hachi, reminded me of Hadji, Jonny Quest's friend from the cartoon. I wasn't sure how to spell Hadji so I looked up Johnny Quest. Turns out, no "h", so I've learned that already. But then, thanks to my friends at Wikipedia, I learned that the voice of Jonny Quest was Tim Matheson. Who was Tim Matheson, why none other than "Otter" from Animal House. It's like life has come full circle for me today, all because of a loyal little dog named Hachi. Will his blessings to others never end? P.S. Can you tell I've been writing some Kate stuff today?

  2. lynn you are doing awesome, i can't wait to see what you have written next. i do have to say that i strive for the loyalty jesus deserves from me . . . oh how hard it is. we are not on the same page for the most part.

  3. garbo lets me pub medicine in her eyes for treats daily . . . no, seriously, other than a stint where lucy stayed on a farm w/ two friends, she's been quite the loyal girl hiding under the bed for days if i am away and coming out happily when i return.