Friday, November 5, 2010

Living in Denial

See that blanket? That's Cooper. Well, the blanket isn't Cooper but Cooper is under the blanket (we see you Cooper - hello!).

It's not unusual for a Jack Russell Terrier to prefer to burrow in a blanket. Cooper, however, uses it also for pretending he's NOT in a kennel. He's just not a big fan of the place once he arrives.

Don't we all like to deny our circumstances now and then? Particularly as the weather gets colder, staying curled up in a blanket, away from others, is a tempting place to be. But, we can't stay there. Eventually, we need to leave.

And sometimes it takes a little encouragement to face our fears head on. As someone once said, "sometimes you need to kiss the demon on the lips."

Confidence follows facing our individual circumstances. Usually, it involves others, even if it's just that kennel girl opening the door to go out.

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