Monday, November 1, 2010

A Room with a View

This is Gus (hi Gus!) He's enjoying his view of picturesque Ada.

Gus was adopted as an older dog, and has done a very good job protecting his owner since then. It's hard to know if he realizes she rescued him from an unhappy future. Gus is pretty laid back and asks little of life. He does, however, like to look outside.

When he's here at the kennel, he likes to be able to look outside too. In favorable weather, he stays outside nearly all day. Watching the world go by is a great activity for Gus.

Sometimes we can look at others' lives and believe them to be more interesting than our own. Perhaps they seem like they are more relevant and our own is so insignificant. Just because not everyone spends their every waking moment finding a cure for cancer doesn't mean one's life is unimportant.

Easily, I could look at my own circumstances and think that because my livelihood consists of picking up dog poo it is not worth much. However, allowing dog owners to have some peace of mind while they are away from their dogs is important to them. That's the part I play (there are more, but I'm trying to keep this short).

You play a part too. Even if life hasn't gone in the direction one might hope and it seems our role is ho-hum, it is important. If you're fully convinced otherwise, then make some changes that include sacrificing your time and comfort for another person or cause, even if it isn't glamorous.

"The strongest evidence of love is sacrifice."

Gus' owner could have gone for the cute little puppy. Instead, she went for a cute senior canine citizen. Because Gus' life matters.

How do you give to the point of sacrifice? Would you give even if it wasn't appreciated? What can you give up or do to make life a little better for someone else?

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  1. first, i knew it, i knew doing laundry for a living mattered. kidding, good lesson and i needed to hear it. second, i thought gus was a cat. sorry gus! :)