Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nathan Alan Willoughby Chases the Sun - Fiction

After numerous unsuccessful attempts to keep Nathan Alan Willoughby entertained while she was at work, Edie gave up. If he wanted to sleep on the couch all day, so be it. He seemed content that way. Leaving the television on for him left him stressed.

As Autumn rushed toward Winter and a shortening of days, Nathan Alan Willoughby noticed something new and fantastic. It was a sun beam that came in mid morning and stuck around til late afternoon. This was a perfect place to bask. There never was such a place in the Westwood Rescue for Good Cats. Of course, cats didn't understand about the beauty of a south-facing window. That doesn't mean they don't appreciate them.

After Edie left for work, Nathan Alan Willoughby finished his breakfast (never enough for a twenty pound cat), batted his catnip mouse around until it was stuck under the couch, and then went to visit his new friend the sunbeam. Black fur kept in the heat, and he rolled onto his back to let the sun warm his belly.

By the time he woke up, the sun beam had moved about a foot. Stretching, Nathan Alan Willoughby got up to see what was new in the cat box, then chase the little ball with the bell in it til it joined the catnip mouse under the couch. Of course this was exhausting so he went back to the sunbeam to rest up.

It was a good but simple life. Nathan Alan Willoughby didn't miss Edie so much when he was with the sunbeam. Even when it rained, the cat knew that the sun would return, and along with it, the direct warming of his fur.

Edie noticed a content cat when she returned from a long day of work. She didn't know about her cat's new love, the sun beam. She only saw the difference in her cat, his long blinking stares at her radiated love back to her. She retrieved the catnip mouse and the little ball with the bell inside from under the couch, then feed Nathan Alan Willoughby his dinner. Later, they sat on the couch together, the cat pinning Edie to the cushions as his bulk took up most of the throw over Edie.

Edie was content with this arrangement as well. Sometimes, she'd do some yoga stretches. Mysteriously, Nathan Alan Willoughby seemed to have some of his own. But what can you expect from a cat who basks in the glory of the sun?

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