Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Dog I Always Wanted

Every morning, Foster brings me the paper. (hi Foster! Good boy!)

When I was growing up, I always wanted a dog who would retrieve the paper. I read the comics page a lot, so I probably got the idea from Snoopy or Marmaduke. Of course growing up, the newspaper was delivered to our front step, so our dog didn't have to retrieve it (not that he would have if given the opportunity).

Foster taught himself how to get the paper when he first mistook it for a toy and brought it to me. Every morning, even in snow, when I say "paper," he runs to get it for me. Even with his diminishing eyesight, Foster finds the paper and brings it to me.

It has been difficult to watch Foster age. However, within Foster remains that same spunky puppy who has too much sass and attitude for his own good. He still is perpetually happy (although we both are grumpy with Tilly now and then). I never get tired of Foster bringing me the paper. Every day I marvel over it.

Good things don't last forever. We need to appreciate each incredible feat of nature, endearing quality, and thoughtful gesture. Instead of being sad that such things are fleeting, we need to remember that they only hint at a greater love to follow.

What daily treasure do you value? What's your dream dog?

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  1. I had these same thoughts over my 3 year old Lilly the other day. As I watch Josh at 17 need us less and less and rather often see us as an annoyance holding him back, I think, snuggle close to Lilly for all too soon she will grow up, too, so enjoy it! Thanks for the reminder, Lynne.

    My dream dog is lucy, a dog without a clue who simply loves on me when she sees me, no matter what kind of a grump I'm being.