Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nathan Alan Willoughby Searches for Answers

"We're moving," Edie said to her large cat. Nathan Alan Willoughby was getting used to hearing the phrase, but didn't understand what it meant. Perhaps it had something to do with the large cardboard boxes Edie brought home from work several times a week.

Nathan Alan Willoughby's association with cardboard boxes prior to this was boxes in a dumpster which contained cold, half eaten pizza and the box he'd been stuffed in at the Westwood Rescue for Good Cats upon his adoption. Boxes, at best, were a mixed bag (so to speak). What did these boxes mean?

Most of the time, the cat inspected each box carefully by jumping in it. Sometimes, a piece of paper or a few packing peanuts would be at the bottom. Those were the best boxes because they were fun. Other boxes were perfect for napping.

One day when Edie came home from work, Nathan Alan Willoughby was nowhere to be found. She called for him by name, as well as the universal, "here kitty-kitty-kitty" but received no answer. She dashed from box to box, looking for him. Nothing. She checked in the bathroom, since he liked to nap in there on cold days, but he wasn't to be found there either. She called him again.

"Mow-wow-wow-wow," a panicked meow finally answered her. "Where are you?" Edie cried. "Mow-wow-wow-wow." This was not his normal meow. Edie followed the pleas through her echoing apartment, finally looking under the couch.

"Mow-wow-wow-wow," Nathan Alan Willoughby's eyes were as big as moons. They faced each other, but still the cat would not come out. Finally, Edie grabbed him by the nape and pulled him out from under the couch. Then, she began giggling at the frightened cat. Static electricity still bristled from his fur, which was completely covered in packing peanuts. Obviously, one of the boxes held an unpleasant surprise for the large cat.

Edie picked the styrofoam off this fur, putting in a plastic bag where it couldn't scare him further. "Don't worry, we'll be done with these evil boxes before you know it." Nathan Alan Willoughby's breathing finally calmed, and after the last peanut was removed, he purred and bumped Edie's hand with his head.

Moving was not a concept easily understood by a cat. Sometimes the need to move isn't easily understood by people. However, Nathan Alan Willoughby had learned that Edie was someone he could trust. No matter what the boxes meant, it seemed like it was going to be okay. Eventually.

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