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Monday, December 13, 2010

It's All Your Fault!

Today is a snow day in Northwest Ohio. Schools are closed, there's little traffic on the roads, and the windchill is below zero. And it's all my fault.

Just ask Dooley.

No matter what door the cats go out, they realize it's too cold for them. I've spent a lot of time opening and closing the doors while cats wrestle with indecision and weather conditions. Finally, I made an executive decision that they were in for the day, no exceptions. This has been a controversial stance. They meow insistently, look at me plaintively, then growl and stomp off (really).

Since I'm human and understand (sort of) weather patterns and the dangers of exposure to wind chill (first hand), I'm risking being unpopular for their safety and best interests. In other words, I know better than these silly little cats.

Yet how many times do I insist to God that I be allowed to do something? I'll pray plaintively for what I want. I've even been known to stomp off in a huff when I don't get my way. Could it be that God understands the workings of the universe better than I do? Do I believe God has my best interest at heart?

I don't know about you, but I sure don't act like God's ways are better than mine. I believe it. I just don't act like it. Instead, I act like a silly cat, running from door to door, tapping the knob and looking over my shoulder for that door to be opened. When it doesn't, I growl and grumble.

What about you? Are you staring at an unopened door with a bit of an attitude problem (your attitude, not the door's)? What will you do today to stop acting like a three year old?

(Happy Birthday Julie! Who is more than three years old - and generally acts like it).

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  1. i am more than 3 years old, but don't often act it . . . but shhhhhh! this was a really good post and not just cause i was mentioned.