Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Prone to Wander

This is Kody (hi Kody!). Kody has a very bad habit - darting out the door and wandering the neighborhood.

One day I was driving in town and noticed Kody out exploring. What struck me was he was obviously on a mission. I pulled into a driveway, rolled down the window, and called him. He looked at me, surprised I knew his name. However, he avoided me and kept going on his path. Since he was headed in the direction of his home, I decided to let him go.

The next time I talked to his owners, I learned this is what Kody does at every opportunity. He loves to be on his own.

Can you relate to Kody's independence? I sure can. However, if I'm not careful, I easily find myself wandering aimlessly and unwisely.

I worried Kody would get hit by a car or someone would try to take him. There are many hazards to us if we leave the One who loves and protects us as well.

What tempts you to leave the safety of your home or the one who loves you the most? Is it ever worth the risks? What steps can you take to stay true to God's word?

1 comment:

  1. anger mostly and sometimes fear tend to lead me astray. while i never wander away completely, when I do stray, i always end up back home safely in my refuge in His arms.