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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Living Outside Your Comfort Zone

Here's our St. Bernard friends, Sandy and Brandy (hi girls!). These dogs love the snow and even the cold weather.

As usual in Ohio, we went from a day of sixty degree temperatures to six degrees wind chill within about twenty-four hours. It's been cold and snowy. Obviously, this is perfect weather if you're a hearty dog.

There's much to be said for enjoying your surroundings. Sometimes, though, that is not possible. Our circumstances might be too much for us to take or we just hate the cold weather.

What are the choices? Run away? Move? Is it possible that our tough situation might shape us for the better? If we put our faces toward the wind and let the horizontal snow hit our faces, could this strengthen us?

No matter what you might be facing right now, look for how it can gird you up instead of how it is tearing you down.

One thing that amazes me about Ohio is the tulip and crocus that emerge from the ground each spring, after the thaw. When it's so frozen, it doesn't seem possible. This can be true for your circumstances right now too.

How will you cope with winter? Are you heading south? Can you look to the Creator of winter and recognize spring will indeed return? What's your favorite warm weather destination?

1 comment:

  1. The Cayman Islands!!!!! But as for winter . . . yes, it is toughing me up indeed and i do enjoy the spring again in a way i had forgotten. perhaps snow angels are a glimpse of our hope.