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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nathan Alan Willoughby's Bad Dream-Fiction

With all the commotion around the apartment with Edie's packing, Nathan Alan Willoughby was not enjoying as much rest as he liked. Normally, he could stretch out on his back, feeling safe and secure, with his legs and arms askew. It was an indication that all was right with the world. Edie provided him security that he didn't know when he was a stray living in a dumpster. Even the Westwood Rescue for Good Cats wasn't the most relaxing place. With Edie, he was experiencing the true sense of "home.

The boxes were upsetting. Personal items, things that never moved, were now out of place. It unsettled the large cat.

His sleep was less than peaceful. His dreams were plagued with disturbing images.

Sleeping brought twitching and mews. Edie noticed. She woke him up and stroke his fur. Nathan Alan Willoughby woke, and again realized that Edie was safe and loved him. Even when all else failed to make him feel that the world was normal, Edie was with him.

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