Friday, December 17, 2010

Finding Our Home

This is my cat Carbon (hi Carbon! get off my puzzle Carbon!).

Carbon was dropped off at my house about five years ago. It was a cold morning and I heard the high pitched mew and went outside to investigate. Responding to the internationally known call of "here kitty-kitty-kitty," a gray puffball bounded across the yard to me. Apparently, she knew I was a sucker for strays.

I scooped up the kitten and noticed it was covered with fleas and filth. She also had ringworm, which I later contracted as well as Foster. Shivering and cold, I gave her a quick warm bath at the sink. She was so tiny, she fit in the palm of my hand. Despite the reputation of cats and running water, she didn't fight it at all. In fact, she began to purr as she looked up at me. She relaxed when I held her in a warm towel. It was like she knew she was safe, and that the bath was getting rid of all the bad stuff that made her life miserable and uncomfortable.

Isn't it great that our Lord is also a sucker for strays? We fit the description - lost, away from home, and covered in filth. Running to God is the best decision we could make. While coming clean with our shortcomings and sinful behavior isn't pleasant, it's a tremendous relief.

Once Carbon's flea and ringworm condition cleared up, she moved from the kennel into my house. When she isn't busy hunting for frogs around the pond, she sleeps on the couch. She was such an unattractive mass of grayness when she arrived here. Now, she's a beautiful cat with a coat like sable.

She's found a home.

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