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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Everyone Needs a Buddy

On the left is Little Guy, former Cat of Highland Street, Ada, Ohio. On the right, the current Mayor of Ada, Buddy.

Sadly, Little Guy passed away recently, but he enjoyed a very long and eventful life, full of much love and admiration.

Buddy and Little Guy became friends when Little Guy's owner moved. Buddy lived outside, with apparently no owner, and decided to make friends with the new kid in town. Unlike many cats, they liked each other right away. They also both liked to visit the neighbors.

Buddy, who is now the lone pet of the owner (having lost a dear Golden Retriever not long before Little Guy), has been a very good companion. He has provided much inspiration for his owner. Below are a few of the lessons Buddy taught his owner, which he generally passed along for our education.

After Buddy's morning constitutional, he jumps on the ledge of his owner's window and peeks under the shade to let him know he's ready to come inside. Buddy knows the routine and exactly where to find his owner to let him know he's done being outside. God also knows where we are at all times. He's just waiting for us to let him in to our hearts.

In Buddy's back yard, there is a 7 foot post which he loves to scale. Once on top, he sits proudly and securely, surveying all that is his (cats don't seem to understand property lines). In addition to God knowing where we are, He also created all and it is His. We can rest securely in the knowledge that God is in control.

Even though Buddy doesn't speak (and doesn't even meow much), he knows how to tell his owner what he wants. When it's time to go out, he marches across his owner and paws at the carpet. His owner dutifully follows the cat and lets him out. In the same way, God communicates with us through His word, the Bible. Through it, he leads us and we can follow.

Thanks, Buddy!

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