Monday, April 18, 2011

Succeeding or Failing....Together

This is Sampson and Wimpy (hi guys!)

When these two Springer Spaniels first come to the kennel, they act very cautious. If one doesn't want to go outside, then neither will the other. However, once they are acclimated, they do a fine job of having fun together.

I just read a book that included the phrase "People do better in groups." It made me think quite a bit about the truth of this. I exercise harder when I'm in a group. I'm more likely to do my Bible study lesson when the others have done theirs. Their willingness to open up gives me the permission to do the same. In other words, I do better.

It also made me think that sometimes people fail as a group too. After all, not every venture ends successfully. However, if it was a worthy goal, the act of striving together lessens the pain of defeat. And perhaps the goal was partially met, which is also a success.

God wants us to be in community with each other, even when it's difficult. But when we face something difficult, like Sampson and Wimpy, we succeed and fail together. And most likely, we'll achieve some success simply because we are together.


  1. Amen to that! Failing in life with support and discussions helps to "educate" us. Just recently our family was being "educated" with discussion and unbelievably my response was "we have to let God handle this one" Now this coming out of my mouth (and heart) was about as strange as it gets. But I got their attention and the complete silence was how I knew that as a group we finally came to the conclusion of how to handle this situation. My mom was a little overwhelmed because she is the "faithful" one that holds our family together but this one time it was her youngest daughter. Thank God he spoke through me and although the situation is not by any means concluded, we are handling it better. Thank You Jesus for coming to our "group" in a time of distress ! (and of course through all the good and bad :) Lynn, thanks for letting me on here. . . hope I am not overdoing it !

  2. Your comments are always welcome and appreciated, Melissa. Your sharing helps all learn - yet another group effort!

    It's wonderful to be surprised by God when he puts words in your mouth and they come blurting out unexpectedly!