Monday, April 4, 2011

Growing Older, Growing Better

Perhaps you remember Charlie Bob from last summer. Then, he was still a crazy-with-energy puppy. Now, he's a one year old. Sure, he's still energetic, but I could tell a difference that he's maturing.

While Charlie Bob still romps about, he also knows what he needs to do. He goes into his kennel run, sits for treats, and doesn't jump on me (as much).
It's not easy to grow up. We live in a culture that encourages us to be youthful, be crazy, and do what we want. While it's great to maintain a sense of playfulness all through our lives, being mature is what we are called to become. Over the years, I've come to realize there is a lot of peace in being a grown-up. For one thing, giving up the resistance to being a grown-up is gone! And it's not so bad, being an adult and all - I highly recommend it.

God calls us to grow in our faith as well. Maybe at one time, it was easy to just "believe" God is true and think that's all there is to faith. However, just like aging, we are to become mature in our faith. Knowing God, understanding His ways, and relying on Him has a lot going for it, even if it doesn't look like "fun" from the outside. There is a lot of peace in the process. Again, I highly recommend it.

Don't be afraid to grow up, chronologically and spiritually. It's actually quite good. Like Charlie Bob, age brings a touch of dignity to our souls.

Maybe we should now call him "Charles Robert."

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  1. growing in my faith has actually made me feel younger even with all the aging going on in my body. i suppose this has a little to do with giving all my worries to God which has allowed me to literally find a new kind of contentment that i never enjoyed before. i have actually found myself laughing a lot more lately even though this has been a very trying time in my life. it is truly amazing how God can bring us through misery if we really believe.