Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Greener Pastures

Remember our friend Shiloh from Sunset Beach? Guess what - he's up North now. One thing that Shiloh enjoys is rolling in the grass, which he doesn't get to do much in Florida. Plus, the grass there is just weird.

And grass, very long, lush grass, is something in abundance in the Midwest right now. It may not be dry, but it's plentiful.

Do you find yourself thinking, and even praying, "if only" then you'd be happy? I know I have. But when "if only" is attained, is there really happiness? Happiness is fleeting and rarely does it deliver on what we expect. Instead, we need to rely on the Lord fulfilling the gaps, or at least realizing that the gaps we have may only be fulfilled eternally. Until then, the Lord walks with us through the difficulties, the joys, and the tedium of our life here.

Appreciate what we do have here - even if it is a simple lawn of green grass.

(that needs to be mowed desperately)

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