Friday, April 1, 2011

A Pattern of Love

Recently, a couple friends of mine were (and still are) facing a crushing circumstance. There was no altering an inevitable heartbreak.

They were walking along the Florida beach, finding solace from a harsh Ohio winter and a tiny bit of relief. But escaping the circumstance was impossible.

Then they came across this:

There were no footprints around this seaweed heart (the ones visible were theirs).

Sometimes the hurt of our lives can not be relieved by anything on this earth. That's when something other-worldly breaks in to remind us of a greater comfort. God knows all our pain. He may not change the circumstance, but He walks through it all with us. That is how He mends our hearts eternally.


  1. Love to see those natural happenings that brighten the moment and remind us that we have more to look forward to than our earthly pains and griefs. Make the absolute best of what we are given now and know there is better to come.