Friday, April 15, 2011

Jaded by Beauty

Look! It's Brandy and Sandy.

The girls' owners report Brandy was startled by the sudden appearance of the crocus. Aren't we all surprised by Spring? Winter makes everything seem so very dead that it seems like nothing could survive.

But the flowers come up to remind us there is life after death.

Brandy seemed to enjoy the flowers presence, sniffing and pawing at them in wonder. Sandy, on the other hand (should I say "other paw") was indifferent.

Isn't it true that we pass by beauty on a daily basis because we are too busy or just too unaware? Yet the natural world is God's gift to us for our wonder and joy on this earth.

Today, look at the flowers, the trees, the animals with new eyes. And say "thank you!"

1 comment:

  1. As all the spring flowers are coming through the leftover leaves and dead fall flowers (that i really need to get to work on) it truly reminds me that through all of our daily life problems that Jesus is there for us. The beautiful color coming through resembled how God sent his son for us! If it were only so simple (which it should be) to let God come through us as easy as those daffodils are blooming through all the leftover debris.