Friday, April 29, 2011

The Indignities of Aging

"Aging is not for sissies." Maybe you've heard the phrase as well. Just this morning, I wondered if becoming less photogenic was one more indignity of aging along with aches, pains, forgetfulness, etc.

Sandy, on the hand/paw, has found a new, softer bed. And possibly very fragrant.
Brandy has decided that while she has the option of going through a different door, she waits until someone comes out each morning to greet her and give the official "okay." It's hard to know if she's getting older and more confused (Happy Birthday Brandy!) or if she's completely brilliant and wants the "royal" treatment (it is the day of the Royal Wedding afterall).
Aging is an adventure which is not one we quickly embrace with any enthusiasm. It's hard to focus on the very few benefits we enjoy as we grow older (beyond the Golden Buckeye discount that is). However, there is the knowledge and wisdom we hope to attain. There is the confidence that grows from surviving and even thriving through difficult circumstances.

We can't control a lot of life and we can not control aging. However, we can grow toward God, laying down our weaknesses of all kinds, and ask for His nudging in the right direction, along with the peace and rest that surpasses all understanding.

What is the hardest thing for you to handle as you age? What is a (possibly unexpected) benefit?

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  1. NOT 4 SISSIES ! that is 4 sure. . my family, a few friends of my son and I did a 5 mile MS walk in findlay for the 2nd time yesterday and WOW that is very painful. My 73 year old mom made it the whole 5 miles ! We all needed massaged but nobody could get the energy to do it. hahaha . . my 3 year old granddaughter and I actually hitched a ride back at 4 1/2 miles. just mostly due to her getting a little grumpy. (thats my excuse anyway) This was a fun day and my family is very supportive of me !