Monday, April 11, 2011

Unexpectedly Social

Owners rightfully let me know if their dog doesn't get along with others, or is scared, or just hasn't been exposed much to them.

Gus got a bad wrap because at his home, he got in a fight with another dog. Circumstances were not in his favor, from what I understand. He's always been fine at the kennel, and on a recent visit, he made lots of friends...with the ladies...

Oliver is a Chihuahua, so naturally has a size disadvantage. But that didn't stop him from being quite the ladies man either.

The kennel is neutral territory for dogs. Most (not all) dogs put aside their biases and protectiveness when they are here.

The same should be true for us. I've often heard "the ground is level at the foot of the Cross." In God's eyes, none of us are better than others. This came to mind this morning when I was praying for some Compassion children. They live in India, Kenya, and El Salvador. They are my brothers and sisters - equals.

Jesus is neutral territory - we need to come to him without our agendas, fears, biases, and need to protect what we perceive as "ours."

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