Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Cheerful Giver

Franklin is the most friendly cat I've met.  While he's a bit skittish when new people come over, that is mainly because Tilly barks and behaves like an idiot.  When things settle down, Frank appears and happily stares at the new comers until he gets attention.
He's also a good friend to Captain, who none of the other cats like.  In short, Frank is a cheerful giver of love.

It's hard to part with money.  It's harder still to part with our love.  Often, we'd rather write out a check than spend time with someone who needs help.  They may be in tough financial circumstances, but mostly they need someone to care.

Why does the Bible say God loves a cheerful giver?  What does this mean?  Perhaps it means that by giving with a smile on our face, we acknowledge that God has given us all love and all our resources.  He only asks us to spread it around a little. 

Yet somehow, it's just not that easy.

Is it easier for you to give time or money?  Neither?  What about giving a good attitude to your day, your coworkers, your family?

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