Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lesson Learned

It's pretty rare that a properly trained dog will snap back when disciplined. However, it does happen if the dog has a bad temperament or the discipline is unfair. A dog that is eager to please a fair and loving owner receives discipline easily.

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I wish I could say the same about myself....

This morning I was reading a devotional about living above difficult circumstances and relying on God for His power and grace. The thought flit through my mind that "Yeah, I do pretty well with that." No sooner had that thought sunk in that another stronger thought emerged. "And just WHO do you think helps you with that?" Um, yeah, that would be GOD, not me. Thanks Holy Spirit, who seems to specialize in nagging me.

Isn't that annoying?

Then I worked on my Bible study, which was about Paul reprimanding the Corinthians, and how they recieved it. Paul makes mention that he hated to hurt them with the rebuke, but knew they wanted to follow God. In other words, it was necessary pain.

I won't go on, but there was a radio Bible teacher who also happened to mention that we need to put aside our pride to hear what others say.

Yes, that all happened today and it's not even eleven in the morning. I'm like a dog with a bad temperatment and my first reaction is to argue the point. However, when I remember, I shut up and listen, fighting my knee jerk reaction (emphasis on the word "jerk"). Then the Holy Spirit reminds me that if someone cares enough to pull me aside, they are probably doing so for my own interest. This is what the Lord does as well, convicting us of sin - not condemning. In other words, listen, repent, and move on in joy and peace!

What about you? Are you a willing listener or do you fight?

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