Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Everyone Knows It's Spring

Except nature.

There's snow blowing around and ice on the pond.  The low temperatures tonight are expected to be 15-20 - and that's without a windchill.

Despite the ice we had Monday and the strong winds of yesterday, guess what Tilly did:

It was a good lesson for me.  With so many of us harboring serious bad feelings about the weather, Tilly reminded me that you can still have fun.  Whenever she sees that silly ball, her ears perk up and she tackles it with great delight, then stares me down until I kick or throw it.  In other words, Tilly lives abover her circumstances.  So what if the ball was coated in a light casing of ice, "let's play" is still her attitude.

Our lives go through periods of great joy and deep sorrow.  Mostly, our lives are on a path that can be tedious and uneventful.  Yet the only time we seek God with great earnest, disappointment, or even anger is when we're going through the tough stuff.  Maybe we remember to throw a prayer up now and then, a casual, check-it-off-my-list prayer. 

The Lord desires us to come to him with exhuberance and delight - to approach every day living with a "let's play" attitude.  What amazing creation in this world does God want to share with us? 

Today, find a way to thank God for something, no matter how inconsequential it seems.  Let that shape your attitude as you go through your day.  Even in the mundane, grey, cloudy, how-can-this-be-Spring day, we can smile and see the invisible hand of God that is always there, sunshine or clouds.

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