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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cabin Fever

The weather is driving everyone nuts. Not only is the lack of sunshine wearing on me, my cats are going bonkers. Fortunately, I bought them a new cat condo. Sure, it's not like a condo on the beach, but it's all they're going to get. It's been quite a hit. They can look outside, scratch and chase each other. Faith is challenged at times of hardship. It's often forgotten in times of goodness. But when it's dull...then it's just an endurance test. Most of life is an endurance test. "Persevering in the faith" may be one of our greatest challenges. If this is what you're facing today, think about adding something new and vibrant. It may be as simple as a new prayer book, or perhaps challenging yourself to make a new friend. Either way, hang in there with a prayer asking the Lord to give you not only strong shoes for a rough path, but ones with a long lasting tread.

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  1. We were just having the discussion that the indoor/outdoor cats we have are not happy. They go out the back door and proceed to the front door wanting back in, yes, that quick. And then they are having debates about who gets which "bed". We already have 2 condos, but looking to fit a 3rd in somewhere.
    NO doubt that persevering in the faith is a great challenge. This seems to be a daily issue and I pray for guidence.
    P.S. Captian could be my whiskers cousin. Whiskers has the longest hair and a mane around his face. He is a gentle giant. Yellow/Orange Maine Coon. He only loves, not a mean bone in him, unless you try to steal his bed. LOL