Friday, March 29, 2013

Look Who's Got a New Life!

It's Twist!  Now his name is Ollie, but he's here for a visit while his new owner is on a trip. 
At six months, he is happily settling into his new home, and doing typical kitten things like pouncing on his owner unexpectedly and shredding the plants.  But he's also cuddling, purring, and playing with every toy he can find.

Things weren't too promising for this orphaned cat.  Dumped off, unwanted, he couldn't stay here and no one else would take him.  Then he was rescued and he's blossomed from the dirty and hungry waif he was.

Today is Good Friday, a day that Jesus took on a huge punishment in order that every filthy orphan living apart from God's favor due to sin will find atonement in his sacrifice.

It is a day to remember our new lives!