Friday, March 22, 2013

No Small Thing

Despite the frozen pond on the first day of Spring, the squirrels have been busy unearthing everything they buried in the Fall.  Not far from here, there is an infamous yet unofficial squirrel crossing across a busy road.  Sadly, there are many flattened animals along that stretch.  It is gruesome, but I remind myself that God carries about the sparrows, so he probably cares about squirrels too, along with all of his creation.

Yesterday I heard the retelling of a story.  A woman asks her pastor if it's wrong for her to pray about the little things in her life.  The pastor asked her something to the effect of "In God's economy is there any little thing?"

I love that!  Isn't it just so true?  EVERYTHING is easy for God.  It is only in our human mind's that we perceive small matters like new rainboots or parking spaces as small matters and world peace and political stability as difficult (or impossible).

God's power is immense.  It is no small thing that we worship a God who is often described as All Powerful, yet deep in patience and love.  Now that should help you sleep better at night.
What's worrying you today?  When you hold it up to God's power, is it really so difficult?


  1. This has been the topic of conversation in my house many times. Just what does God "care" about. I have responded "everything" many times to be met with a "no way" from some family members. It is discouraging when I can't find the words to help guide them from a path of being so doubtful. But I know while I keep praying for the right words/actions to witness the truth of God's love, they will continue to want to learn and live the words from the Bible. So for now, I have to find peace in knowing, that although they don't find God as caring about everything, that at least they are open to discussion.

    1. That's a good point Melissa - as always!