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Friday, May 3, 2013

A Walk to Remember

I joke with friends that I could write an entire blog about things that happen to me while I'm walking dogs.  Yesterday was a doozy.
There's a certain garden center near me that is extremely popular.  It's run by rogue break-away Amish, so right there it's pretty cool.  As soon as it opens, the traffic on my road increases.  Since it is in the middle of nowhere, people often stop to ask me where it is.

Yesterday our walk just began and a car slowed.  In the passenger seat was a small dog looking out the window.  The car stopped and the man driving beckoned me to come forward.

Let's look at this from the dogs' point of view, shall we? 

Small dog, coming at them from an elevated position.  Even the best behaved dogs would be challenged, and considering they were in a pack, the perceived threat had force to respond. 

I froze.  The man then drove out a bit so now his dog is staring right at the dogs I was walking.  He asked me where the darn garden center was.  The dogs were fussing and pulling.  I managed to say, "Straight til the road dead ends then turn left!"

Then I went down.  I was pulling the dogs backwards as they lunged for the dog and car and I slipped on some of the loose gravel.  The man yelled, "Are you okay?"  I yelled back, "Yes.  Keep driving!"

He drove away at a very slow speed as the dogs were barking at each other like crazy and I laid on the leashes so they wouldn't chase the creeping away car.  Finally, I could get up and get moving in the opposite direction.

At first, I was extremely irritated.  Then, I couldn't stop giggling.

There's no great spiritual lesson here - just wanted to give you a laugh for Friday.


  1. I read this the other day, but wasn't real sure if I should be laughing like I was. I could picture this event in my mind, and although you say there is no spiritual lesson with this post, I think there is. We often stumble in life, either by our own choices or those life circumstances that tend to pop up when least expected. Satan pulls and tugs at us, throws some distractions our way and we stumble. Sometimes all the way to the bottom. (or in your case, on your bottom lol) We have to remember to tell satan to keep on moving so we can get back up and continue our Christian living. He is just waiting to pounce on us at every chance he gets. Now I am not saying that little doggie in the car is the devil. But sometimes I wonder if my pets aren't acting out like little devils. LOL

  2. Melissa! That's so true - thank you for adding that.