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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

When Weaknesses aren't so Weak

It's Jenny the Silky Terrier (hi Jenny)
Some may look at Jenny and think she is small and vulnerable.  However, as with most terriers, they can be quite fierce.  They can handle herself quite well, thank you.  She's quite fearless.

Have you ever met a person, perhaps in a group setting, and they are so quiet you think they must be scared to death or painfully shy?  While that may be true, often they are qiuetly observing and taking in what is happening and being said.  That's opposed to others (like me) who is talking and taking very little in around me.

Isn't it amazing how God uses our strengths and weaknesse in different ways?  He's designed us each so differently, yet he has plans for all of our personality traits.  Often we need to ask the Holy Spirit to shape our lives, to take off the rough edges, so we can become more Christ-like.  God is happy to answer that prayer, even though it sometimes happens through tough circumstances.

Have you seen your weaknesses being used for "good?"

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