Friday, May 31, 2013

Close to the Edge

Two years ago, I went out for a bike ride and my iPod ear buds popped out.  It was annoying as I'd only gotten to the edge of my property.  As I fussed with them, I heard a different noise and it wasn't coming from the ear buds.
There he was, crouching in the tall grass on the edge of a busy road.  The Captain, as he was dubbed, can be fearless.
Yet he has also formed some very bad habits.  Things that people do not like, yet cats think are perfectly acceptable. Here's a hint:
Pets can really test our boundaries.  Somehow, we love them anyway.
Perhaps it's not so different with us.  God is patient with us, despite our undesirable sin nature.  This morning I heard how most people who have died at the Grand Canyon were "pretending" they were going to fall, then ended up slipping right off the cliff.  The commentator mentioned that we are not much different with temptations - we get as close to the edge as possible, thinking we are in control.  Yet how often have we slipped right off with disastrous consequences?
God's "rules" (that so many wish to discredit) are for our own benefit.  He loves us when we break them, but he's given us the way to live fully and safely in the world He created.  Thanking him for those rules, for his love, for his forgiveness, adds to a life lived to its maximum.


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