Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring Time = Kittens

Almost two years ago, this kitten was dropped off here.  While kittens are adorable, adding one more was hardly what I wanted to do. However, at the time no shelter was accepting any cats. 

While adult cats can move along more safely to other possible homes, a kitten can hardly fend for itself.  (Fortunately, area shelters now are accepting and helping all cats.)

When a person stumbles upon faith in Christ, regardless of age, they need help from other believers to grow in their faith.  It's not easy to be a Jesus follower, and support should come from those who have walked that path.

Sometimes we are quick and impatient to deal with messy situations like a stray cat or a person looking for a friend.  While we can't always be the perfect solution for all we meet, we can make sure we tend to their needs in some way, even if it is directing them where their care will be tended perhaps in a better way in a better environment.

How do we know?  We don't always - pray and do the best with what guidance you have from the Holy Spirit.  God takes care of His own and the burden doesn't land squarely on us to 'save them all' but to do the best we can.

Now isn't that liberating?


  1. Very liberating ! Thank you for the reminder. Sometimes all it takes is to hear (or read) a message that touches the soul.

  2. Glad it helped - God needs to remind us - we forget so easily!