Monday, May 13, 2013

Feeling Frisky

Here's Kody.  He may be nearly 12 years old, but he's still lively.
Kody used to escape his home and take himself on neighborhood soujourns before eventually returning home.  I spied him out on one of his self-appointed walks once and pulled my car over and called him.  He ran faster in the opposite direction.  He's very fortunate that he was never hit by a car or met other dangers.

If you are a show tune fan, you may be familiar with Camelot's Queen Guinivere singing "It's May - It's May - the lusty month of May!"  Indeed, the warmer breezes do seem to invigorate all of us.  It's certainly true with dogs as they seem to want to be outside.  All. The. Time.

Yet following our own instincts can lead to danger.  If we leave the safety of our Master's home to pursue our own interests, being hit by a car may be the least of our worries.  Temptations abound.  We are weak against them, even if we think "I can handle it."  Don't be fooled - run back "home" to God.  Wait for Him to lead you out into the world, onto paths that are for our own benefit and His glory, and not just what we want because we want it.

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