Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Peace in the Storm

It's only Wednesday and it's been a tough week.  The images of tornado damage in Oklahoma are heartbreaking.  The lives disrupted and destroyed are hard to fathom from this distance.

While I watched and cried, I looked over at Carbon.
Unshaken.  Of course, she's a cat so she's also oblivious.

When life leaves me feeling helpless, discouraged and dispairing, I realize I have no power.  Instead of this adding to a downward spiral, I turn to God.  With all the pain, anger, confusion, I run to the One who ultimately has an understanding of what is so incomprehensible.

Joni Earickson Toda said, "God uses what He hates to obtain what He loves."

Now, I don't understand that, but I do believe it's true.  While it's not always a comfort in the midst of a storm, it is a truth that runs deep and penetrates our soul as we emerge from a great sadness.

Pray for the people of Oklahoma, the people of Texas, the people all over the world - including your neighbor and yourself.  Pray for more faith and conviction.  Persevering through pain is not for sissies!

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