Monday, April 29, 2013

When Strengths aren't so Strong

It's Roxie the Bulldog! Get up Roxie!
Roxie is not built for speed, but she is sturdy. Bulldogs were bred to do what their name implies - bait bulls. With that frame, they were sort of like linebackers. However, the same frame means they aren't good for other things, like swimming. Or, in Roxie's case, if she didn't want to move, she just laid down. Effective, but not great.

Last week, a company wanted feedback on a product line. Let's just say I let my opinion be known in specific and snarky words. I'm really good at being outraged. However, I'm not very good at being calm and loving.

When we invite Jesus into our lives, our character changes - for the better. The Holy Spirit, when we're willing, supernaturally makes transformations that are often imperceptible to us.

Next time I hope to check my words, rather than dash off something cool-sounding.  What God values is often very different than what our culture appreciates. What God cares about should be more important to me.

What about you?  What area do you find your strengths might get you in trouble?


  1. Wish I had read this sooner. Just calmly told a used car dealership manager what I thought off his business tactics in a firm manner. (he actually accused me of being mean) Well, the truth is, I didn't want to sound "nice". I wanted him to fully understand that I was unhappy about my purchase. I was completely outraged and kept thinking how 'WELL' I was handling the situation (without any results, but at least I got my point across) Looking back, I guess I could have handled it differently and most likely should have did a lot more conferring with God before entering the building. Either way I didn't figure results would happen, but I maybe would have felt better knowing God led the way. (they still owe me $1500 so it's not over yet) But I have talked to him since our last heated conversation and at least I know this time I responded to his "businessman vs. country girl attitude" was met with a tact. Oh how I do get annoyed at people sometimes. Just "breathe" I remind myself. (although I am just recovering from a week of pneumonia so breathing is yet a chore)

  2. Oh Melissa! It's so hard to know when we need to be "firm"!