Monday, April 15, 2013

Rolling with the Punches

Here's Kobe, looking like a prize fighter.  Or perhaps a pony.  (Hi Kobe!)

When Kobe slipped off the boat dock and cut his paws up on the oyster beds within twelve hours of arriving at our vacation destination, it seemed like life was over.  Of course it was not.  Kobe's owner calmly took the dog to the vet and did all the hard work of keeping Kobe calm and preoccupied so he wouldn't chew on his bandages (too much).  Focused on vacation, even a small thing like a giant vet bill wasn't going to slow down her enjoyment of vacation.

Meanwhile, I quietly freaked out.

However, seeing how calm she was, I calmed down.  Kobe calmed down.  We all got about the business of serious relaxation.

"Be still and Know that I am God."  That scripture came to me often on vacation.  God does not freak out or is ever taken by surprise by our circumstances.  He is calm, in Him there is peace.  If I remember that, I can ask for that same calmness to fill my soul.  And if I'm on vacation, being calm and peaceful is just the place - though the practice is good for those rough, freak out moments as well.

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