Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring 2013, the Season that Won't Stick

Every time I write a post expressing dismay that winter persists, I think it's the last.  But no, it is not.  There is snow in the forecast.  While snow in April (or even May), is not so unusual, it is when there has been essentially no break.  Sure the forsythias bloomed and the tulips are making a valiant attempt, but that's based more on daylight than it is warm temperatures.

So what are the choices when the weather seems to be identical to what C.S. Lewis described regarding Narnia in its pre-Aslan days, "Where it is always winter but never Christmas."
Perhaps you've been beaten down by the relentlessly alarming news headlines.  It seems one disaster is "over" (or at least its time as grist for the newscycle is through) when another equally upsetting incident occurs.
Life without hope is always winter, with no hope of Christmas.  Christmas is when Christ showed up, bringing with him the hope for the broken world.  People have many spiritual beliefs.  However, there is only one who offers true hope, true forgiveness, and restoration from personal, national, and world disasters.  You don't need to be cleaned up and perfect to fall on your knees. 
Only then can we look upon desolation and see beauty and peace.

Or a Kooky Chicken.

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