Friday, April 5, 2013

Reviving the Sagging Spirit

While a friend is sorting out her various demands in her life, her pups are here for an extended stay.  Lately, they've gotten a bit antsy, so right now they are in the house romping with Tilly. 

It's like a barrel of monkeys.  Or more accurately, gorillas.  I've hidden the bananas.

However, they need the break to revive their sense of well being.  We all need that.

Yesterday I read an article about "why our nation is not experiencing revival."  The writer made a very valid point that Christians talk about how much we want change, how revival among believers is where it begins, and how we must pray.  But, the writer states, God knows our hearts.  And our hearts don't REALLY want revival.

Revival historically come at a very high social and economic cost.  If I examine my own heart, I don't think I really want my bank account to take a hit, to have conversations that result in me labelled all kinds of unpleasant things, and suffer a bit.

Yet we cheer that Paul stood up and preached Christ and Christ crucified despite ship wrecks, prison, and many beatings.  We admire him.  We cheer him "Go Paul!"  Yet do we want to be like him, to endure what he did, even if it means bringing a person closer to Christ?  What am I willing to give up, at what cost, for a friend (or enemy) to have their life changed from desperation and anger to hope and peace?

It makes my heart hurt, to think maybe I don't want disruption in my quiet, safe routine.  Maybe what my prayer needs to be is "help me want that - no matter the cost - change my heart."

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