Friday, April 12, 2013

Maybe It's Not So Bad Afterall...

Here's Millie - Wake Up Millie!
When Millie first arrives at the kennel, she looks me up and down, then tries to get back in her owner's car.  As the leash changes hands and I walk her toward the door, she throws desperate looks back at her "people", pleading with them to change their minds.

Yet once their car rolls away and she's inside the kennel, she wags her tail and acts like I'm her best friend.  She seems to enjoy the activity of the dogs coming and going.  But when her owner's return, I go back to being chopped liver.

Sometimes we need to make the best of hard situations.  Maybe if we can find a little bit of joy amidst the circumstances, we may even be able to smile now and then.  For me, I can not do this from my own forced attitude.  I need to ask for God's transforming power to change my heart.

It's been a long winter, but the last few days of rain has brought instantly green lawns.  It reminds me that there is hope, even in trying times.

What has tried you, and how have you handled it?

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