Monday, April 8, 2013

Answered Prayer can be Messy

When you love your dogs and cats, sometimes you have more than one.  When you live in the country, people think that if you have a cat, what could one more hurt? 

A lot.

Dealing with cat disharmony is annoying.  I've often wished for fewer cats.  Then Saturday night, two of my guys wouldn't come in the house.  Around 2:30 a.m., a huge cat brawl woke me.  I'm not sure what attacked who, but my favorite little guy came limping in the house, went straight upstairs, and fell asleep on the bed.
As I examined him for any open wounds, I cried.  It made me realize I didn't want fewer cats at this cost.

Last Wednesday, I woke up overwhelmed with things to do.  I felt a still small voice "say" something has to give.  I prayed it wouldn't be my ankle.  Over the next few days, something did give, but it was not in a very pleasant or happy way. 

When I thought about it more, I realized that if it didn't end in such a messy way, I may very well have not gotten the "give."  I'd still be clinging to it.

Turns out, that sometimes God has to pry things from our hands.  If it is His will, it is for our good, even if it isn't pretty.  Somehow, I must find a way to be thankful, even as I sweep up the debris of answered prayer.

Have you ever had this happen?  Do you have to have things pried out of your hands or do you give them willingly?  And if you are a pet lover, how many do you have?


  1. Oh I can't stand that when my cats won't come in. In fact, it is 1 a.m. and I am just about to give up on 2 of them. I even tried to lure them with canned cat food. So I have 6 cats. 3 indoor only, 3 indoor outdoor. I just had to put a kitten down 2 weeks ago due to it having F.I.P. It is a fatal disease, no known treatment. She (Whiney) is in my profile picture. She was only 8-9 months old. I had fostered her, taken her back to the shelter for adoption and due to her getting sick again I adopted her. Thankfully she got a lot of love, a good home and got to enjoy the outside sometimes. All my animals names start with a W. This was unplanned for the first 3, but after that we have attempted to keep it going. Although my vet has told me I should "buy a vowel" My vet the comedian. =)
    I also have 2 dogs. I thought that after having to put down animals in the past, that I would never have another animal. The pain was too hard. But as you see, the joys they bring me are far greater than the selfishness of avoiding sadness. So bring them on. (well, no, don't really bring them on, I will start being called a hoarder lol)
    I like to think of myself as generous, however, I am very selfish with my time and lack "bedside manners". I have already used up a lot of space, so I will explain that some other time.

    1. Oh wow, I am completely embarrassed now. Whiney, was a boy. I keep referring to him as a "she". (Sorry Whiney) Maybe I should just go to bed since it is so late and I am incoherent.

    2. Heehee....Whiney had a good life under your tendings. Melissa, your concern and care for so many is a wonderful reflection of Christ's love for us.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!