Friday, April 19, 2013

Plans Change

This is Dinah and Shelby.  Aren't they the two cutest pups?  They were scheduled to come to the kennel this weekend, but the weather cancelled their owners' plans.  While the owners are disappointed, I suspect Dinah and Shelby are glad to be at their home.

It's very hard to roll with the punches when you expect to go have a fun mini-adventure and instead, you are forced to stare at the same four walls you see daily. 

There's something to say for adventure and getting out now and then.  There's also something to be said for ordinariness.  Sometimes we change our plans and sometimes they are changed for us.  Despite all these scenarios, is our focus on the plan or The Planner.

We have free will, but all that happens to us passes through Jesus' nail scarred hands.  Nothing catches the Triune Godhead by surprise.  Our finite minds rebel against what we can not know.  Yet what we see in a glass darkly now, we will someday see face to face, and have total clarity.

During a week that has been frought with tragedy, by intention and accident, it is good to know that somehow, this is not out of God's control.  He knows the plans He has for us.  Trust is hard, but that's the definition of faith in action.

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