Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Squandering an Opportunity

Tilly loves to chase this ball.  If I kick it for her, she gleefully attacks it and returns it to me.  When it's time to go for a car ride, she bolts out the door, grabs the ball and runs around the car in circles in some sort of doggie celebration dance.
As you can imagine from the dreadfully long winter we've had here, spending a lot of time outside is not on my to do list.  However, I do make at least four trips out to the kennel every day, usually with Tilly along.

For the last couple months, she has become distracted by scents of moles, where the cats have been, and the barks of neighboring dogs.  I call to her and say, "get your ball!" but she either continues with her preoccupation or gets it just before I step in the house.

Too late.  Playtime is over.

Sadly, I find myself doing the same thing.  There are things I enjoy that I don't get to do often - spend time with friends, read a good book, etc.  Yet sometimes I find myself seriously squandering my time.  In life there seems to be that "work time" and "play time" but there is for me also "stupid time" when I decide playing mah-jong on line is somehow better.  I know - stupid!

God says there is a time for everything - work and play.  I'm pretty sure no where is there a place for "stupid."  Praying for a well ordered day usually ends with satisfaction when I follow through with that intention.  That way, I don't squander the opportunity of each new day.

What about you - do you have "stupid" time?  What saps your focus?  How will you change this?


  1. My kind of "stupid" time. Mah-jong. I try to convince myself that someday I will have the key to unlocking a door of opportunity with mastering the mah-jong skill. (chuckle)

    1. Let's just say it's a "brain stimulating game" and therefore good for us!

    2. You know it!! I like that description, going to use it from now on.