Monday, June 27, 2011

But I Miss You

This is Riley.
Riley is my friend Liz's dog. Even though Riley enjoys "in house" privileges while Liz is gone, it's not good enough for him. He gets walks almost every day, he enjoys sleeping on the rug, laying on the cool kitchen floor, interacting with the cats and my dogs, and extra scratches on the head.

And it still doesn't make Riley happy.

He wants Liz. He spends most of the time here looking out the window. He never tires of waiting for her, knowing she'll return.

Riley's unwavering dedication is inspiring to me. Do I wait for the Lord? No, most of the time, I read my little devotional, go down my laundry list of prayer concerns, and get onto my rather lengthy list of things to do. Maybe I'll get back to God later, but mostly, momentum and the tyranny of the immediate has my attention.

There's a nice little deck that overlooks my pond that's perfect for waiting, praying and reflecting. That's a place I can be with no distractions. Dedication isn't always natural. Sometimes we need to work at it a bit. For Riley, it's an art form.

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