Monday, June 6, 2011


Here's Shelby (hi Shelby!). Isn't she cute?

It's easy to see why, with those doleful eyes, she was adopted from the local shelter.
Little was known about Shelby other than she had just finished weaning a litter of puppies. Then, she's doing hard time in a weird place like the shelter. Suddenly, she's chosen, out of the other dogs, to go to a wonderful new home, complete with regular meals, a comfortable floor, and lots of attention. How did she process all these changes? Did she understand?

Shelby did great at the kennel, even though she was put back into that "weird" environment. She ate with gusto, had no accidents, and was as sweet as can be. When her owner came to get her though, she was thrilled. What a trooper.

Lots of people say they can't go to the pound or shelter because they'd "take them all home." Isn't it nice that God doesn't have that problem? He CAN take us all home. He wants to adopt us into his family more than anything. We get to choose to respond to his invitation.

Shelby knew she was going to a wonderful home when she hopped into her owner's car yesterday. It was much better than the kennel or shelter. We don't always understand what we'd be escaping if we chose to respond to God's invitation to love and be loved. It's the leap of faith - that He is who He says He is.

His life is abundant and good. If God pulls up in a car, or tugs on your heart, respond with enthusiasm - it's a great home.

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