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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shedding the Old

Foster has been shedding a lot lately. After his surgery, clumps of fur came out. It wasn't pretty, but I like to imagine some birds had some extra cushy nests with Foster Fur in them.
Foster's old dead fur was useless to him. However, at one time, it was extremely useful and necessary to keep him warm as well as protect him from bugs, bites, brush and other hazards dogs might encounter (not all of which start with "b").

Often there are parts of our personalities or habits that we keep around. Maybe we need them for awhile. But maybe after a time they are no longer serving a purpose. That's when we need to shed what is useless. New, better things take the place of the old. It's amazing how this can happen when we are open to the transformation God can provide within ourselves.

And bad habits are for the birds.

What has God changed in you? What do you wish he'd change in you?

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