Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Reunions

Many families have reunions over the summer, particularly in the month of June. Not every dog, despite being a member of the family, gets to go to the big family reunion. Many times, they come to the kennel instead.

Once their owners arrive to take them home, they are somewhat ecstatic.

Case in point of ecstasy:
Dozer is not deranged - he is happy.

Then there is the other dog owned by the same family, Beans:
While it's uncertain just what Beans is saying, it is probably something along the lines of "Take me home now!"

These two dogs were at the kennel for the first time and were so very darling. Despite their difference in size, they live in the same home quite happily.

People who follow God come in every size, shape and color. Sometimes we look deranged and not at all like we belong together. What we have in common is much greater than our differences.

Someday, we'll all "go home" together. That is a reason to be ecstatic!

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