Friday, June 10, 2011

Hating the New Kid

Remember how in school, the new kid used to get picked on?
That's what's happening here.
Even though Carbon (the grey cat) herself was dumped off here, she has no sympathy for the kitten. When I found Carbon, she was even smaller and younger than this little guy. She had fleas, ear mites, ringworm, and even maggots on her. She was a disgusting mess. She's blossomed into a very nice, beautiful cat.

Sometimes we don't like to think that God loves the downtrodden. We've got our act together, what's wrong with those "others?" If God wants them in the family? Who are we to say otherwise. Probably God knows something about that person that we're missing. Fortunately, God can override our small-mindedness and bring that person "into the family."

I don't necessarily want to bring the kitten into my "cat family," but he sure is cute and somewhat irresistible. He has gotten comfortable too, even cozying up in the hood of my jacket.

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